Lyndon is Without Planning Director

LYNDON - Lyndon hasn't had a planning director for the last six monts

The last planning director the town had was Nicole Gratton, and she resigned in late April. Throughout these six months, the town has only received one applicant for the job in late September. The Planning Commission interviewed the candidate, but no decision has been made. People in Lyndonville say it would be a good idea to hire someone who is familiar with the community.

"I think it's someone with business background. And if it was somebody who has lived in the area for quite awhile and somebody who is associated with one of the businesses in town, I think they would have a better understanding," H.O.P.E President Bob Mccabe stated.

Because the position is still vacant, the plans for the town have been on hold. Some of the plans are to create sidewallks along Bandstand Park and Memorial Park, crosswalk bump-outs and outdoor plazas along Depot Street, bike lanes Main and Center Street, and more. The reason why the town wants to make these changes is to make Lyndonville safer and more welcoming.