Do North Coworking Holds Final "Boot Camp"

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27 do north coworkingLYNDON- Do North Coworking held its last set of workshops that teach people how to use Microsoft Excel on Friday September 27th.

These workshops, called mini "boot camps," are coordinated by NVU's Ann Nygard, the director of the center for proffesional studies.

 Started in 2017, Do North Coworking has held multiple workshops throughout the years, where people can learn in a classroom environment or take online classes

According to Nygard, their goal is to help people build skills that are sought after in todays corporate or buisness workforce. 

"We draw in people from as far as montreal or connecticut to come take certification exams. It's great to see all these areas sort of meeting right now," Nygard said.

The recent Excel boot camps were taught by Stephanie Giease, an Assistant Professor at NVU- Lyndon. Giease believes that anyone who takes one of the courses offered may gain a new skill to make their life easier and possibly elevate what they can offer to a company that uses Excel.

"I feel strongly that its an important piece of what we do and i think opening that up to the community is really important," Giease said.

For anyone interested in enrolling in a "boot camp," Do North Coworking has opened an online Data Anayltics course on thier website, October 1st.