Top Corn Maze In Vermont

Danville- The Great Vermont Corn Maze is in contention to be the best maze in the whole nation.

The Great Vermont Corn Maze has been in the top five to top ten mazes in America for he past years on a consistent basis. This year, the maze has been top two since the start of the polls. They have been bouncing around from first place to second place throughout the time of the votings. The Great Vermont Corn Maze is the largest maze in New England which covers twenty-four acres of trails lined up with walls of corn that go ten to twelve feet. 

 The Great Vermont Corn Maze has two different kinds of mazes: the Big Maze and the Scenic Maze. The Big Maze is twenty-four acres long and on average it takes two to three hours for people to complete. It also has over hundreds of feet of bridges and an underground tunnel. The Scenic Maze is a smaller maze. It takes on average forty-five minutes to complete and it also has directions to guide people where to go. 

The polls ended at the beggining of this week and on September 15th, the winner of the voting for the best maze in America. "Currently...when it opened up this year for the voting...we were number two right away. We were up to number one and we were bouncing between one and two and anywhere around the top ten. We found out till the fifteenth of September", co-owner of the corn maze Mike Boudreau. The Great Vermont Corn maze ended up bwing the second best corn maze in the whole nation.