Danville's Schools Plans Pushed To Next Year

Danville- It wasn't on the ballot on November 8th, but the people of Danville still had it on their minds.

 Over the Summer the Danville school board appointed an advisory committee. They have been meeting since late August to discuss the options they have and have currently settled on three potential options being presented to voters.  The first would include building a new wing of the Danville School for elementary students.  The second includes building an addition to the Danville School, whose use would be determined at a later date.  And the third option is building an entirely new school on the current soccer field.  These options come after lengthy discussions about the age of the school and the increase in population being served in the building.

Each option costs differently and would cost the town differently. Option one would cost 70 million dollars, Option 2 would cost 60 million dollars, and the final option would cost 80 million dollars. Some residents say that it doesn't matter if it raises the taxes if it will be beneficial to the kids. Other says otherwise


" I think our taxes are pretty steep so, if it changes significantly, I definitely will have some questions," Danville Resident Will Seargars said.


It will be on people's minds, the discussion will continue next year.