Danville School Mascot Petition

DANVILLE - The Danville community remains divided when it comes to keeping the historic "Indian" name for their school mascot.


A drive thru petition event was held Saturday at the West Danville Park and Ride by two Danville residents who are fighting to keep the "Indian" intact. The Danville School Board recently approved a new policy during a regularly scheduled meeting, to remove the "Indian" mascot that has been around for decades.  During that meeting, many people from the community presented their argument as to why the mascot should be changed. Many alumni tried to make the change back in 1999, but the school board at that time wasn't ready for that kind of decision.  But many Danville residents were caught off guard by the recent decision because they were not able to attend the meeting due to internet access or unfamiliarity with Zoom.


Dawn Peck Pastula, an alumni of the Danville School, and a life long Danville resident, organized the drive thru petition.  "We're very proud of the heritage. I have Indian on both sides of my family; my great-great grandfather is Abenaki, and I'm not offended by any of this, and I don’t think it's okay to erase this culture."


Lisa French, who volunteered for the drive thru petition, was born and raised in New York, and moved to Danville when she was entering high school.   She instantly felt a strong community bond. "I met the greatest people.  I met my husband here when I was 15 years old, he's a lifelong Danville person. I am not, but I feel this is where I am meant to be."  "I feel like I am a Danville Indian for life, and I don’t want to erase that.” 


The petition has gathered more than 200 signatures since being drafted, and will still accept signatures until May 3rd.  It will be presented during the May 4th school board meeting.