Danville School Budget Increases

danvilleschoolact46DANVILLE - The town of Danville has expereinced a very successful Town Meeting Day. Success that is measured in the amount of residents that attending the polls and the town meeting regarding items and voting on both the school board and the town board's agendas. One of the major items that was focused on by both the school and the town was the budget for the school district for the upcoming year. The budget called for an increase from last year's budget, totaling at $6,337,714.00 to be spent on students and the school in the coming year, a 9% increase on the yearly tax rate.

The school's proposed budget last year for town meeting day had a very small increase thanks to funds that had been collected in order to be used to pay for the budget. That is not the case this year, and state regulations as well as state programs have strongly influenced the large increases in the tax rate for students. Other major items include special education and wages for teachers and faculty. "We are not trying to burn a hole in the pockets of local families," said David Schilling, Principal of the Danville school, "We have been working with the school board and I have personally asked them to make adjustments so that we are only asking for money that we absolutely need, and this budget is the culmination of our work."

"A lot of the increases in the budget are due to state programs and state regulations that are out of our control, they are mandated and we need to come up with the funds to support our students," Bruce Melendy explained, he is the chair of the school board, "Other items that are being increased this year are very important to the function of the school. We are looking to increase special education as well as pre-k programs to ensure that we can continue to offer full-day education to our youngest students." 

"We are also looking to increase our funds for special education and student counciling," Schilling added, "We have never been in a time where it is more important that we are influencing our students in a positive mannor, it has never been more important for students to be educated in how to become upstanding individuals, and compassionate people, capable of understanding the issues of others. These funds will help these initiatives and provide wages for councilors and professionals to teach students these important life lessons that they will need to properly contribute to the betterment of our modern society."