Danville School Upgrades School Safety

danville schoolDANVILLE- After nine years at the Cabot School, Principal David Schilling decided it was time for a change, and took on the role as the new principal at the Danville School. One thing Schilling says he wants to work on in his new role are his listening skills. “My goal first, is really just to listen. I think coming into a new school, there’s always a little bit of fear of change.” 


One of the biggest changes Schilling plans to make is tightening security, and thanks to a 20 thousand dollar grant from the state, that goal will be met. The school will use the money from the grant to install a new security camera system. The upgraded system will be connected to the internet, and will have access to several devices, as well as a new electronic door locking system.
Governor Phil Scott announced the recipients of the School Safety Grant in the beginning of August. "There’s nothing more important that keeping our kids safe, keeping our citizens safe. It’s the highest priority of the state government as far as I’m concerned," he stated.
The upgrades for the school will be completed in the next few weeks.