No More Open Burning in Concord

CONCORD- Open burning in the town of Concord is no longer being permitted. Effective April 6th no fire permits will be issued as well as no open burning being allowed due to Covid-19. 

As of April 9th, 2020, Vermont Department of Healthhas reported 628 cases of the Coronavirus with 23 deaths. Most of the cases being recorded are in Chittenden with 336 cases. Caledonia County only has eight cases being reported. Even though there are only eight cases in Caledonia, the Concord Fire department is no longer issuing fire permits or allowing open burning to help protect his firefighters. 


Concord fire chief Richard Fisher said, "due to the Coronavirus, not wanting to endanger our firefighters, there will be no more fire permits issued." 

Stopping the issuing of permits and allowing open burning is also about trying to stop unnecessary responses by the fire department. Concord is following other towns around the NEK that have already stopped open burning and issuing permits. Lyndon, East Burke, and St. Johnsbury are some other NEK towns that are not allowing open burning. 

While fire chief Fisher says this is until further notice there are chances this could last until the end of May. The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation has advised that all open burning be postponed until at least May 30th. April and May have historically been active months for human-induced wildfires.

With the National Weather Service issuing an outlook of above-average temperatures for Spring along with below-average precipitation, spring has a large potential to be an active wildfire season. This puts unwanted pressure on fire departments and emergency responders that are not wanted during this pandemic.