Concord Prepares for Town Meeting Day

concordCONCORD - On town meeting day, residents of Concord will be seeing a two percent increase in this year's town budget, resulting in a total of $787,053 dollars. This is a change that the select-board chairman, George Morehouse, credits to standard operating costs. 

According to Morehouse, the town isn't facing any decisions possessing much controversy. However, two articles of tax-payer interest that he did highlight, included the town's contract with Calex Ambulance Services, and the Essex County Sheriff's request for more officials. Calex is asking for a $4,000 dollar increase from last year's contract. While the Sheriff's Department is asking for $7,500 extra dollars, in order to provide more coverage to the town. 

Morehouse predicts that it will be relatively calm at town hall come town meeting day, but recalls a time when the voting process was an active discussion. "There would be 75 to 100 people debating the merits of a particular issue," he said. "It has evolved to meet the demands of today's voter, who's busy. They don't want to come and sit in town meeting all day long, and hash over things. The Australian ballot has changed that whole process."

Voting will take place on Tuesday, March 6th, by Australian ballot. Any Concord residents interested in learning more about the 18 articles up for vote, are encouraged to attend an informational meeting this Saturday morning at 10 o'clock.