Calex Concerns Still Loom

Concord Selectboard Meeting Black BordersCONCORD- One of the main concerns at the Concord select board meeting Tuesday night was the Calex ambulance services. Instead of the select board voting on whether or not the town needs the service, they're leaving it up to the voters of Concord. 

 "Calex is a needed service, there's no question about it," says select board chairman George Morehouse.

"But the voters need to approve the vote, not just us."

A representative from Calex was in attendance to make sure the select board members knew what the intentions were of the ambulance service, because there seemed to be confusion.

"Their goal is a somewhat ambitious goal, but that's beyond what our small town can deal with," said Morehouse.

"We need the service, but we only have so much money."

The ambulance service is one of the only ones around the area, and even though the town is seeing a fifty percent increase in payments from last year to this year, there's really no other alternatives.

"I don't know of any other options that are available," said Morehouse.

"But they may need to rethink some of their ambitious goals that they have."

Concord was also able to approve the vote of having an animal control officer, to keep track of animals that aren't registered or on the loose in the Concord area.