Concord Budget Up In The Air

concord budgetCONCORD - The Concord School Board had an informational meeting last night regarding their budget. With the recent closing of the high school, the estimated tuition cost of each student is roughly $16,000.

 However, after delving further into the matter, it was discovered that the state average cost for a union school is roughly $14,000.

With the high school being closed, students will have to choose what local schools they would like to attend. A majority of the students are leaning toward choosing Lyndon Institute. The high school will not officially close until the end of this school year. But it will still be used in order to hold classes throughout the Summer.

Part of the Concord School Budget has been set aside for any new student's that move to the town.

The School Board's next meeting will be this Thursday, May 7th, when the board will vote and ultimately decide on the new budget.