The Students Turn To Speak

concord school studentsCONCORD-- For years now the Concord School has been under discussion for closure, both parents and citizens of Concord have voiced their opinions. But the people that the closing of the school would really impact are the students.

 The students are the ones that have been with the school for years. Some students like Nicole Young a junior at the school has been there for three years now, other students like junior Baylee Olden has been there since Prekindergarten.

"I had a lot of plans, I was working my way up to the green and gold scholarship so I could go to UVM," Nicole said. "But if I end up having to go to another school I might lose that, actually I would lose that because you have to go for your whole high school career. So I would lose that opportunity."

Nicole has been going to this school for three years now. She like many of her fellow students she loves the school and believes they are receiving opportunities that can only be experienced at a small school.

"They think that we aren't getting all the opportunities that we could if we went to a different school; a better school, or a bigger school. But they jus don't know, they don't realize it, because they haven't been here."

After years of the adults from the town giving their opinions, the students are now standing up for themselves and their school. In Olden's economics class they are creating a presentation for the community and are planning on showing it at the next school board meeting.

"My economics class has put together a presentation about the numbers, because most of the numbers out there aren't real," Olden stated. "I feel like a lot of people have manipulated other people into thinking different things. They do have the real numbers and those need to be seen. Because honestly if you are about to tuition out all of the students in the school, your taxes are going to go way up. I mean I'm a high schooler and it's not that hard to figure out."

And just like the parents of the town who are voting and speaking about keeping the school open, there are some students who are very passionate too.

"A lot of the people that are trying to close the school down," Taylor Call voiced. "I believe they are arrogant and they don't take into consideration what students have to say."

Call, a sophomore at school, has been there since sixth grade. Call came from a bigger school and expressed that if he had to go back to one he would feel like an outsider. Call also said that he believes the school will not close and that the people who are fighting the school will eventually just move away.

"I know there are people out there that want the school open."

Even after everything the students have said and the opinions they have given, the students all agreed on one thing. And Lauren Young, a freshmen at the school said it best.

"Just listen to the students, listen to what we have to say. Because we feel our voice is important. We want our school to stay open. Many people think we don't have opportunities here, we have so many opportunities."