The Gear is Here

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ski swapBURKE - While temperatures continue to drop and snow begins to fall, the desire for winter sports heightens. Now is the time to gather snow gear needed for the winter as the season is amongst us. The Burke Town School is offering a variety of needed gear at the annual Burke Ski Swap this sunday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The School will be selling donated snowboards, skis, clothing, etc. All equipment is either from Lyndonville's Village Sport Shop or donated by local community members. 80% of profits made will go to the original owner of the equipment, while the remaining 20% will go the the school's Parent Teacher Organization, whom are hosting the event. If you are interested in selling equipment at the swap, it is asked you drop those items off at the Burke Town School gymnasium this Saturday, from 5:00-7:00pm.

Disa Clarner, the organizer of the event, said "It's a real service to the community." And a service it is, because winter sports are expensive. This gives community members a way to continue doing what they love at an affordable price.

The organization plans to use the money to support the school's ski and skate program. The students in the program go to the mountain 5-6 times a week which can become very pricey. The organization is using the money and putting it towards the cost of their lift tickets.