West Burke Revitalization Plans

WEST BURKE-On Tuesday May 26th, the West Burke Revitalization Steering Committee met on Zoom to discuss the future, and plan on how they can develop their town further. 

People were able to view a shared PDF, which showed some key demographics in West Burke. These demographics showed anything from how people are spending money in West Burke, to how many people have gone out to an art gallery in the last twelve months.  

 "Conceptually, we are overviewing and thinking how we can outreach to West Burke as a whole. Our local sector is growing in the West Burke area, but the population is aging. Tourism is still a good market in this area, and it certainly helps bring diversity, to West Burke's not so diverse population," said Peter Fairweather, West Burke Revitalization Organizer.

Although, the PDF has what at first sight looks to be lengthy charts and data, this information will be important in identifying how to continue to reach the needs of more people, in the West Burke Community. The next Revitalization Commitee meeting on this will be June 23rd at 4 pm.