Burke Mountain Academy named Alpine Club of the Year 2020

EAST BURKE - Burke Mountain Academy has been named the 2020 Apline Club of the year. Even in light of COVID-19, the Academy is still trying to honor and celebrate this award.  

"This is the 2nd consecutive year, and 3rd overall time we've been named Alpine Club of The Year. Being recognized by the US Ski and Snowboard Team is an extreme honor, especially when you're being distinguished from all the other alpine clubs," said Willy Booker, Headmaster of Burke Mountain Academy. 

Despite COVID ending the ski season short, the Academy remains dedicated to continue to work as best as they can, for their students. 

"It feels like winning this award is an affirmation to keep going. I feel that our best stuff is in front of us, with training our atheltes, and we want to continue to push forward with our programs," continued Booker.

Although COVID remains to be a lingering threat as fall approaches, the small ski Academy hopes go back to some normalcy soon. 

"We are going to do everything in our power, so we can have school in person. We're hoping common sense will prevail, and that the state will allow us to open. We do think it is critical to get our kids back here for their educational, and social development,"said Booker.

Burke Mountain Academy has thought of ways to continue to social distance, and help stop the spread of the virus come fall as well.

"We're prepared and fortunate enough here, where I have hope that we will be able to keep things under control. At our school we have around 60 students, so for us its about getting them back here safely, and limiting their interactions outside of here once they're back on campus," stated Booker.

For now all boarding schools remain closed, and will be as Vermont continues phase 1 of re-opening the state safely.