Burke Mountain Academy on Activities Post COVID

EAST BURKE - Ski resorts and, ski academy's were especially hit hard during COVID-19-but Burke Mountain Academy has its sights set on re-opening safely as soon as the state allows them to. 

Steve Berlack, who has been coaching skiing for eighteen years at Burke Mountain Academy, knows of a few things and protcols the academy hopes to be implementing in the fall. 

"We're still really working on how we'll be able to properly re-open in the fall-there are a couple ideas we have.We are being advised to plan future skiing trips around COVID once we re-open, and we actually have to be planning on what the state will implement too," said Berlack.

"As a boarding school we're deciding on things like-Do we need to seperate people more in the dining hall, and the dormitories? And, do we need to train them separately as well? Its all very much in the air, along with Burke Mountain itself re-opening. In the coming weeks though, we should be able to undertand more what we need to do, " continued Berlack. 

In the meantime-Burke Mountain Academy, and Burke Mountain will continue to follow state regulations. As the state further updates, and re-opening can begin to happen.