In Need of Restrooms

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inneedofrestroomsBURKE - As Burke Mountain is set to expand, East Burke is looking to prepare for more visitors.

One sometimes overlooked, but crucial necessity for visitors is playing a key role in the preparation.

Bathrooms are used every day, and are a necessity of life. As of right now, the town of East Burke has no public restrooms.

"Towns people, business people, people that work in the bike shop, people that work for Kingdom Trails, everyone has noticed that there has been a real need, and every year with the increased number, the need grows," explains Doug Clarner of the Burke Development Review Board.

Many tourists stop by businesses like East Burke Sports to use the restroom. Ski and Bike technician Orien Campbell-Wolk has seen quite a few people come in asking to use their restroom.
"I would say there's probably days that 100 people come in here looking for a public bathroom. We do have Port-O-Lets around the town, but having a nice facility with running water, and maybe even showers… probably year-round could be utilized," Campbell-Wolk says.

For tourists in East Burke a new bathroom would make for a more comfortable experience in the town, and Clarner agrees.
"It's not going to create a ton more people coming here, it's just going to increase their experience, and I think therefore pulling more people in in the long run," he says.

There is currently no timeline set for the project, as the committee running the project is made entirely of volunteers. The volunteers are still working out the details.