Kingdom Trails Closed For Winter Season

KT ClosingEAST BURKE- After what was one of the longest winter seasons that the Northeast Kingdom has seen in recent years, The Kingdom Trails have officially ended their winter season.

This decision came Friday afternoon, after a week of spring-like temperatures caused the snow to melt across a majority of the trails.Crews also need time to do routine maintenance across the trail system, removing hazards that have become apparent in the offseason or as a result of runoff are just some of the tasks they face. Typically for this reason, they are closed during the month of April. 

Kingdom Trails Operations Manager, Erin Donnelly, explained that because of the abundance of snow that remained on the trail system at the beginning of the month, they decided to stay open. "We'll stay open until we don't have any snow anymore. But as you guys have seen, we have gotten a lot more snow this year so we have been able to stay open later." 

Donnelly also noted that they do not have an anticipated opening date for their summer season at this moment. But they will open up the trail system when conditions allow for it.