Land For Sale? Tickets For Sale

burke prepBURKE - The federal receiver for the Burke Mountain Resort, Michael Goldberg is looking to speak before the Burke Development Review Board in April to sell at 3.29 acre parcel of land that is part of the resort's planned unit development. Because the property is part of a planned unit development program through the town, Goldberg cannot move forward without the board's consent, however the Zoning Administrator to the town, Michael Harris, doesn't think there will be an issue.

"The land that they are looking to sell is unused by the resort," Harris noted, "Also, to add to that, the court case currently underway in Florida, authorized the sale of the land because it will not affect the mountain resort in any way; and based off this, I'm sure the review board will see it the same way." This lot which is located off of Mountain Road has been unused and unaffected by the resort since the full parcel of land was bought under a planned unit development long ago, so it only makes sense that the resort is looking to sell the land that they did not use in the creation of the Burke Mountain. To put it simply, part of the land that the resort owned under the planned unit development was not used, however since the original unit development was done through the town, the town has the final say as to whether the property or parts of the property can be sold. The hearing with the Burke Development Review Board will be held at the Burke Town Offices on April 10th.

This is not the only news for Burke Mountain Resort, they have also been completely open with all trails available to skiiers and snowboarders as of Friday, March 15th. the Noreaster that left over three feet of snow on the mountain made for a great weekend and following week of snow packed trails, and workers at the mountain could not be happier to see people on the slopes so late in the year. "Usually the last week of March marks the end to the winter season," Said Jessica Sechler, Marketing Manager at the resort, "With the huge amounts of snowfall that occured on Friday, it made the weekend a blast, especially with our pond skimming event. Havinig so much snow to work with made the event perfect, and all this snow means that we should be able to keep the mountian open seven days a week going into April." Weather like this has not occurred since 2011, now eight years later, the resort is overwhelmed with the amount of luck that they received with this last snow storm. Only time will tell how long the slopes will remain open at Burke, but any time after this week will mean unanticipated revenue and fun for the resort.