Burke Town Clerk Named Master Municipal Clerk

burketownclerkWest Burke- Priscilla Aldrich has been working for the town of burke for just over 25 years and has been awarded the title "Master Municipal Clerk" by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. Founded in 1947, the International Institute of Municipal clerks is made up of 14,000 members nationally and internationally with 15 other countries.

The mission of this global non-profit corporation is to enhance the education opportunities and professional development for its members. 



Once a member has reached a high level points they are considered a "Master". The way a Clerk gets points is by taking advantage of these opportunities and getting professional development. The more sessions and workshops you go to, the more points you earn. 

Aldrich says that the biggest advice she give is to take advantage of any learning opportunity that you can. As Burke's Town Clerk, Aldrich has put in many long hours compiling town budgets for town meeting day and managing day to day tasks in the office, she is pretty proud of what she’s done. 


It all started back in 1994 when Aldrich went to pay her taxes when she asked the retiring town clerk at the time, if he had found a replacement. He answered no and asked her if she was interested, to which she rejected. Aldrich says, ""and the next thing i knew... i am getting a call from the select board member. Asking me if I would consider... and that took a lot of thought, but then i did and here i am 25 years later."



Burke Town Clerk from NewsLINC on Vimeo.