Burke Layoffs Given New Hope

burke moutainBURKE- Though the recent layoffs at Burke Mountain Resort this past March affected the employment of nearly two hundred people, the chance of those jobs appearing in the future is high.

Last night, the community got the chance to meet two members of Leisure Hotels and Services, the Kansas City-based company appointed to oversee the operations of Burke Mountain Resort two weeks ago. In attendance were the CEO, Steve Olson, and the Marketing Manager, Jessica Sechler. Olson took questions from members of the community, and the question was raised over the status of employment for the resort. He was quick to explain how people will be needed in the future.

"We have nobody over there right now. I think our manager's here and the front office manager. We will definitely have to go back out and search out people that are interested in the job. Clearly, we encourage them to come back and re-apply, we're more than glad to look at them, obviously they're here in the market, they have the knowledge. As I said, we don't walk into a place with a suitcase of 500 people saying we're going to take over your job." Olson said.

The layoffs happened due to a combination of many negative factors regarding then-Q-Burke. Financial troubles, an abnormally warm winter seasons, and pumping issues with their snow-making equipment, all resulted in the resort laying off employees. The majority of the jobs were related to the new hotel, and the scope of the layoffs even reached full-time positions.

Sechler, too, sees the need in reemploying those who formerly worked at the resort, and once the need arises will look into rehiring.

"Given the opportunity, of course, we all had a lot of talented teams that unfortunately had been a part of the layoff, so I think when given the opportunity we'll cross that bridge to see what's priority and go from there." Sechler explained.

Both Olson and Sechler were happy to meet the community and be a part of the project. They expect the hotel to be open by November 1st, and snow to fall on the 15th.