Biker Hit by Car

bikerthumbBURKE - Pascal Rozon, 40, of Vaudreul-Sur-Le-Lac, Quebec, was injured as he was hit by a car on Alpine Mountain Road.


 The emergency call came in around 10:30 Monday morning.

The accident happened as the biker was coming off one of the trails and onto the street.

Vermont State Police Sergeant Brian May was the officer to respond to the scene.

"There are a lot of bicyclist and people in the area. I think they understand that, and so far it works well. I don't come up for many bicyclist with car accidents." Sereant May said, "I'm not sure what our statustics are as far as the other troopers, but I don't believe they respond to many of them either. "

He was transported to NVRH by Calex. It is believed that he suffed a leg injury.