Safety in Bradford

safetyinbradfordBRADFORD - Bradford's town meeting played host to many hot topics this year.

The town debated police presence at school, while the gun control article was decided by a single vote.

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Snowmobilers Lasso a Good Time

bradford rodeoBRADFORD - Despite poor snowmobile trail conditions being less than perfect all season long, The Rock the Hills group still held their Snodeo at the Bradford Fairgrounds this past Saturday. The Snowmobile Rodeo, or Snodeo, featured snowmobile races  and trick competitions with riders from across the state.

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Bradford Analyzes Sobriety and Vehicle Checkpoints

dui BRADFORD - State police officers from the Bradford Barracks now have a final analysis on the sobriety and vehicle checkpoints that took place earlier this month.

Bradford police officers along with other officers in the state have been trying to prevent, and reduce the number of fatal crashes on Vermont highways. One method was to conduct sobriety and vehicle checkpoints over the past week.

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New Addition to Hannaford's

new hannafordBRADFORD - A bigger Hannaford's is set to replace the smaller one next door on route 5.

The bigger store will offer more options as well as be more attractive to consumers. Superintendent of the construction Chip Cheney says it will be modern as well as close to three times bigger "its just all updated.

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Veteran Moderator Retires in Bradford

Bradford ModeratorBRADFORD - After 40 years of serving Bradford, Town Moderator Larry Coffin is handing over the gavel.

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