Barn Burns in Bradford

Bradford Barn FireBRADFORD- A large fire in Bradford destroyed a barn and nearly more on Sunday afternoon. The owner, Mickey Appleton, found out around four P.M, and by that time, his barn had already burned to the ground.

 Once nearly all 80 bails of hay were up in flames, Captain Zach Bagley, knew right away that the firefighters needed to let the barn burn and work on protecting the house.

The fire raged well into late monday morning. With about eight to nine different fire departments and over 50 firefighters on scene, they managed to keep the house safe, but the barn is a total loss.

There were no injuries except for about two-dozen cattle that had had their fur singed. Appleton says he plans to rebuild a smaller barn for his cattle, but at his age (70) he feels too old to rebuild completely.  

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.