Parent's Concern with Noyes

noahnoyesBRADFORD- Noah Noyes, one of the leading candidates for principal at Oxbow High School, is facing scrutiny from parents over charges filed against him last summer that were connected to his current post at the Danville School.



Last night the school held a public forum with Noyes, allowing parents and students to come together and share their thoughts on the matter and ask questions.  It was an opportunity Bradford father, Read Carlon, thought was valuable.

"I'm glad they did it. I'm glad they allowed everybody to have a chance to come out and see what's going on," Carlon explained, "I think it's really important, and I think a lot of people should discuss this seriously and see where they land."

At the forum, Noyes expressed that he "completely understands" why parents would want to have a chance to voice their concerns about his candidacy. He began the forum saying, "I'm grateful to share what ever information I can with you, and to have candid conversation." 

Noyes is currently the principal at the Danville School. He and superintendent Martha Tucker were both charged last summer with failing to report a student's complaint to the state that a teacher had sexually assaulted her in class last year.

Noyes was offered a plea deal which will wipe his record clean if he lives up to the conditions placed on him by the court.

Parents, like Heather Paye a mother of a 17 year old Oxbow student, are still questioning the school board's decision.

"I just really hope the school board reconsiders what's going on. I came to a meeting last week, I asked questions, I was told things that were a blatant lie. He tried to rectify them tonight, he was not giving the community enough answers, and I really hope they reconsider what they're doing," Paye remarked.

On the other hand, some students at Oxbo are trying to look at things with an open eye. Caleigh Petterson is not concerned with the idea of Noyes potentially becoming her school's principal. She said, "I was impressed by him tonight. He seemed very honest and professional. I think he will be a good principal."

There is still no word on when a final decision will be made.

  Watch Noyes' opening remarks durring last night's forum.