Proposed Carbon Tax

Carbon Tax

BRADFORD - State Representatives Sarah Copeland Hanzas and David Deen, held a rally today in Bradford to unveil their proposal for a carbon tax bill.

"To fund this initiative, the bill implements a gradually rising fee on carbon dioxide pollution to be paid by the companies that distribute fossil fuels in Vermont," said Copeland Hanzas in a press release.  

Under the new bill, Vermont's current sales tax would gradually be eliminated. The proposed tax would hope to not only benefit the environment, but also economically stimulate towns that border New Hampshire, where there is no sales tax. 

"With more retail sales happening on the internet, I compete with those sales that often go tax free,” said Nikki Darling, co-owner of North of the Falls Gift Store. “Reduction or elimination of the sales tax would help me to keep more of my business sales circulating within the Vermont Economy.”

Copeland Hanzas believes, "this simple tax reform will encourage businesses and shoppers to come back to Vermont. It will spur innovation and create jobs in Vermont, as we transition to lower carbon methods of transportation and heating."

Bradford community member Emily Marsh is intrigued about the effect the bill could have on the environment. "We're at the time when we don't have time. It's done. Climate Change is happening. We have to take action now." 

Copeland Hanzas believes that action could be the carbon tax. "As fuel prices rise naturally, as we know they will, that means that Vermonters who switch to alternative fuel sources will save money as we go forward. Putting a price on carbon pollution will speed that transition."