Bulletproof Vests in Bradford

Bradford VestsBRADFORD – The police department in Bradford recently purchased a two-layer bulletproof vest for use in active shooter situations. The vest offers protection against hunting-grade weapons and helps keep law enforcement officers safe out in the field.


Bradford also received a second bulletproof vest through a donation from an out of state police officer that is retired. With the addition of the second vest, the Police Department in Bradford will be able to supply both of it's cruisers with protective gear. The second vest will arrive in Bradford in about three to four weeks.

The town of Bradford is no stranger to active shooter incidents itself either. While the vest is mostly used a precautionary item, the ballistic armor comes in handy when officers find themselves in dangerous situations.

Police Chief Jeff Stiegler said the vests they wear under their shirts provide some protection.

"Kevlar, which is a lot of woven material sown, very tight together, that is going to stop handgun bullets." The newer vests however are able to stop higher caliber bullets, which come in handy during active shooter situations.

The money for the vests comes from the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Act which helps supply local police stations with bulletproof vests by covering half of the total cost. The other half of the cost is paid for by the Bradford police department's budget.

Police Chief Stiegler also said the gear helps the officer's feel even safer when going out on potentially dangerous calls.

"Kind of like, you know, a firefighter going into a fire, you don't do that without your bunker gear, and your helmet, and your Scott air pack, etc. There's just another layer of protection."

The station hopes to keep it's officers as safe as possible.