NEK Broadband Expansion

Around the NEK- NEK Broadband expanded their service to over 400 new customers

The latest towns to recieve the service were Barnet, Peacham, Walden, and Danville. Crews will continue to set up and expand the network all across the NEK. It is process that will take years to complete, but the organization has made some progress. A key part of this fiber-optic cable network are the electronic cabinets. They help direct the the signal to the customer. The latest is knows as the OLT, and it was set up at the fire department in Peacham.

"We have had very slow internet service up here. It was not only just kind of slow for internet in general, but very very poor cellphone reception and now it's good," NEK Broadband customer Linda Johnson stated.


The NEK Broadband internet isn't affected by snow or rain. Multiple people can also use it at the same time and won't have problems with signal delays. NEK is hoping to set up 2700 miles of fiber cables all across the NEK by 2030. The organization is trying to get funds through any way they can to be able to do this. 

"Our mission of NEK Broadband is to get high speed reliable internet service to everyone in the NEK that doesn't have it," stated Community Relations Manager for NEK Broadband Kitty Ufford-Chase.