Get Set Up NEK

AROUND THE NORTHEAST KINGDOM - The NEK has many great programs for community members to get involved and The Northeast Kingdom Council Of Aging is adding to that line-up.


It is called the "Get Set Up" program, and is targeted towards those who are ages 60 years or older. The program is free and allows folks to take classes online on a variety of topics.

"People are needing to be connected and there are new ways to connect," Executive Director Of NEK Council Of Aging, Meg Burmeister, said.

Classes are taught by seniors as well which helps to make the connection even more special. Topics that are taught include: cooking, how to use your smartphone, exercising, meditation, and many others. If someone is unsure on how to use a computer, Burmeister says there are hundreds of volunteers who can help just by calling. If people don't have access to a computer, they can go to the library and use the wifi and computers.

"People are starting to access it and we've had some good moments about things that people were thrilled to see on there. It's nice to have classes that are really focused on todays elders and the needs that they have."

NEK Council Of Aging Communications Director, Mary-Ellen Rice added, "It can help to bring people together, it can help bring people information and learning experiences and getting involved in the learning community that is really user friendly." 

If you want to get more information or take classes, you can visit the council's website.