Local Band Teams Up With Dealership

NORTHEAST KINGDOM - When Jeff More, owner of Wells River Chevrolet in Wells River was thinking about a new innovative way to advertise his dealership, he thought of the idea to partner with the band, the Kingdom All Stars, to make an ad stand out.

"I'm really happy that we're able to do this with a local group and give them a platform to bring their music to," said More.

The Truck Song, produced by the all student band, was the result of that brainstorm.

"The 4 kids that worked on it did everything. Wrote the lyrics, created the music, arranged the song, went down to the recording studio, and did all that stuff a few weeks ago," said Kingdom All Stars Director, Todd Wellington.

For Wellington and the students, it is not about teaching, it's about putting musicians together and seeing what comes out of it.

"This has been a really fun experience to watch. Todds been really instrumental with the group. He's an extremely devoted director to the Kingdom All Stars," said More.

"Our vision was to make more of an upbeat song and we wanted to keep it away from the kind of darker stuff that gets written about today. We just wanted it to be lighthearted," explained All Stars band member Jazmine Bogie.

The Truck song has already been heard on 101.3 FM and will officially be released to all streaming platforms this Saturday after it airs on VPR's "Safe and Sound" at 6pm. You can purchase it for just 1 dollar through the bands website.

"The first time it got played on a radio station that was kind of far out. We started out being played in Burlington and before that, it was Spotify which was across the world. It's gotten really exciting as it's gotten closer to home. It even got played in Lyndonville a few times. That's just as exciting as it  being spread across the world," said Bogie.

“The Truck Song” Copyright © 2021 Jazmine Bogie, Siri Jolliffe, Macey Mawhinney, Zane Mawhinney/Kingdom All Stars