Kingdom East Moves Forward with Vaccination Policy

Written By:  Kaitlin Flannigan

NORTHEAST KINGDOM - At the last Kingdom East school board meeting on Tuesday night the board decided they are continuing to move forward with their new vaccination policy to require staff to either get the Covid-19 Vaccine or be tested regularly to keep their jobs.  But some board members disagree.



Jimmy Peyton, the current Lunenburg representative for the board said, "We are in the education business, not the medication business. And it's none of our business to tell anybody what they should or shouldn't put in their body or not." Peyton has strongly been against this policy since it was proposed back in September.

Mandy Chapman, the Lyndon representative for the board said, "This policy is giving the staff choice. A lot of other place and organizations have already implemented that. Nobody is losing their choice. If you don't want to get the vaccine and don't want to put that in your body, you go get tested." 

In response to Peyton, Chapman and other members on the board agree that staff in the schools still get to make an independent choice, and this will help protect the student and staff from the virus and help to safe guard the community and the small children that still are not approved to get the vaccine at this time.