New Sound for Catamount

ST. JOHNSBURY - The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many hardships for businesses, especially music venues. However, St. Johnsbury's Catamount Film And Arts has found ways of staying open and providing entertainment to the NEK.

Throughout Covid-19, shows were canceled or rescheduled for later dates. Other events were moved to a online format for people to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. These included concerts and Catamount's annual film festival which was expanded to feature families and the rest of the country.

This has also allowed Catamount to host new events such as 'The Covid Chronicles' where people could share their experiences and thoughts on Covid-19 in a journal with prompts. Other events have included mask making and even a vertical concert experience which allowed folks to rent a room with a balcony at the Burke Mountain lodge. From their balcony, folks could watch a concert that was put on from the Catamount stage.

"They've all taken a lot of community participation. We've been really fortunate to have some great members of the community who are still interest and really looking for those artistic moments that they can either watch or participate in," said Ashley Van Zandt, Director of Communications for Catamount Arts.

The vertical concert was sold out, and Van Zandt says that this is a model that they will continue to use for future concerts. Drive in concerts and movies were also held in the summertime and in the fall at both of the Northern Vermont University campuses.

As for the future, Catamount is hoping to let people back through their doors. But for now, events will continue to be either in person with social distancing requirements or online.