Vermont Minimum Wage Increase

bagel depotLYNDON- By the year 2020, the Vermont minimum wage could become $15 dollars an hour. The minimum wage is now $10.50 and will continue to increase on a yearly basis.

Local Business owner Chip Aussiker of Bagel Depot is not in favor of this minimum wage increase. He doesn't agree with how it's being handled. "It's going to hurt us, I think they're going too much too soon." Said Aussiker.

There is a schedule that increases the wage by a dollar every year. So on January 1st of 2019, the minimum wage will become $11.50 and he thinks the Senate can do much better with this.

"There's got to be restructuring of it the little places like us are not going to be able to support it we're either going go out of business or instead of hiring 8 or 10 people maybe we have to 5 and limit our hours that we're open."

Bagel Depot may have to make some serious and difficult decisions with this wage increase every year. "I think we're going to have to hire less employees, we're a small business we can't afford that much increase and we just don't have time."