National Caregiving Around NEK

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st.j houseST JOHNSBURY- Friday was National Caregivers Day. A day not only to thank and appreciate those who help others for a living, but for them to reflect on what they actually do. This day is not only for caregivers, but also for Nurses.


Beth Drown who works at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center thinks it's a day to reflect on what Beth and her staff do every day. "I think it's really meaning full because the work here is really challenging it recognizes all the hard work that they do." Said Beth Drown Norris Cotton Cancer Center Nurse Manager.

Moving over to the St. Johnsbury House, there is a caregiver who spent most of her career behind a desk and decided to become a full time caregiver and she never looked back. "I really love it; it is much more my personality than sitting at a desk. I like being helpful and it's a very nurturing thing I think both ways." Said Barbra Bemis St. Johnsbury House Caregiver.

As a caregiver, there's much more than just helping people in need. It's also about creating those everlasting memories and true friendships. Bemis said she has made many friends by being a caregiver, and she's grateful for it.

"It's wonderful as you would expect. Even the people I don't work with closely, when I get here in the morning there's half a dozen people sitting in the lobby, they all know who I am and we do our little chit chat and how everybody is this morning. It's wonderful." Bemis continued.