Winter Wonderland, Except for Drivers

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Winter Story ThumbnailAROUND THE NEK- Tuesday marked the first major accumulation of snow in the Northeast Kingdom. And while skiers and snowboarders may have been rejoicing, drivers in the area were not. Vehicles have been having problems all day, from simple slips and slides to full on roll overs.

 "I was coming down the road, slowly, because the roads were kind of bad. I started slipping, and I couldn't get traction again, and I slowly slid into the ditch," said Daniel Martin, an LSC student.

Martin was on his way down College Road in Lyndonville when he flipped his car. Martin walked away from the accident with no injuries, and minor damage to his car.

He states he was traveling at a slow speed, but noticed that it didn't look like the road had been treated yet.

News 7 also responded to another roll over on I-91N in St. Johnsbury, where 67 year old Roland Gendron lost control of his vehicle, and rolled it over. Neither Martin or Gendron sustained any injuries. 

With snow expected throughout the evening... Lyndonville Police Chief Jack Harris suspects there will be more cars off the road.

"This is just the start of the storm. It's going to get worse as the day goes on. And the longer people are out, the more accidents we're going to have."

Snow tires, four-wheel drive, and driving at slower speeds are all good tips for people who plan on going out today. But their is one way to completely avoid accidents today.

"If you don't have winter tires on, you have to stay home, because the slush and the slick roads under the snow, there's nothing you can do once you start sliding," said Harris. "I think everybody should be doing it. They should think about getting people to where they need to be, and keep them off the roads."