Saving the Planet & Your Wallet

ShumlinEnergyVERMONT- This years Earth Day has been a busy one for the Vermont government. Today, Governor, Peter Shumlin, announced the expansion of the Heat Saver Loan program to help Vermonters increase their homes efficiency, and decrease their spending.  

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Future for Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Home ParksMONTPELIER - Governor Peter Shumlin declared April Fair Housing month following the signing of two housing protection bills ensuring the safety and fairness to mobile home parks.

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gmoVERMONT- The Attorney General’s Office of Vermont has adopted regulations that would require the labeling of genetically modified food. Vermont is the first state to implement this law. 

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Gobble, Gobble it's Turkey Time

turkeyWATERBURY- Vermot's Governor Peter Shumlin, and National Wild Turkey Federation Chapter Vice President Don Isabelle, are trying to keep the hunting tradition alive in Vermont. 

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Prohibition in Vermont?

alcohol banVERMONT - During the 1920's, Prohibition was the illegal or restricted manufacture, transportation, import, export, and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States. The idea was that it would lower taxes, reduce crime and corruption, and improve health and hygiene in America.

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Recycling Law to Limit Landfill Use

recyclingVERMONT- Come July 1, 2015, the first component of Act 148 goes into effect. Vermont's Universal Recycling Law's first step bans the disposal of: metal, plastics #1 & #2, and paper/cardboard. That ensures the state that residents will be recycling in their own homes.

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An Unnoticed, but Heavy Topic

obeseBARNET- Obesity is one of the most significant and prevalent health issues in America. Taking a deeper look at the problems and taking a microscopic look at the overweight obstacles children face are quite astounding.

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Bikers Battle for Traffic Space

bikingandwalkingVERMONT- As the weather warms up, Vermont residents may be inclined to walk or bike to work instead of drive.  With more people on the road, there is an increase in road safety issues and the availability of space for drivers, bikers, and walkers equally.

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Who Screams for Ice Cream?

ben n jerryVERMONT - Ben and Jerry’s is looking to fight worldwide climate issues, by giving away free ice cream. Stores worldwide will have presenters discussing carbon taxing. For Vermont, there is a proposed gas pipeline within the state which is also the home of the world famous ice cream.

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Cold Freezes Maple Syrup Season

syrup2VERMONT - Vermont produced 42% of the United States maple production in 2014. One local maple farm in Barnet explained how they are doing their part in continuing the trend of keeping Vermont as the number one producer of maple syrup.


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School Zone Shrinkage

state houseVERMONT - After receiving a preliminary approval vote of 88-55, the House of Representatives passed the major change in Vermonts school systems. Vermont School System consolidation is intended to expand the school districts and shrink spending.

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Housing Our Veterans

homeless veteransVERMONT- With approximately 49,200, just about everyone in Vermont is bound to know a veteran or two. But not many know a homeless veteran. Approximately 4,000 of the 49,200 don’t have a roof over their head to call a home.

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Shumlin Bans State-Funded Trips to Indiana

Equal Rights thumbMONTPELIER (AP) - Gov. Peter Shumlin announced the banning of all "non-essential" state-funded trips to Indiana.  The ban comes after the new religious-freedom law, which restricts the government from preventing someone from following or practicing their religious beliefs.

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Growing Economically

economic growthVERMONT - Former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke spoke this morning about the economic and employment growth. Bernanke spoke on a number of things, including approaches on long and short term approaches for employment.


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Earn and Learn

vermontVERMONT - Public Hearings for the Vermont Apprenticeship Council took place across the state yesterday. Seven locations, including Lyndon State College, were home to talks regarding all aspects of the council.

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"Mud and Muck" Makes Money for Peacham Elementary

mud n muckPEACHAM - The people of Peacham came out in full support of this year's 22nd annual Mud and Muck Auction, this past weekend, helping the Parent Teacher Friends Group exceed their initial fundraising goals.

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Vermont Staying Healthy

health rankings2VERMONT-- Vermont is number two of the healthiest states in the country. And now Caledonia County is starting to go up for the healthiest counties in Vermont.

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Free Tuition: The Logistics

freetuition thumbnailVERMONT- President Barack Obama has recently pitched the idea of free tuition for community colleges. In Obama's State of the Union Address on January 20, he made it clear that getting a higher education needs to be a priority for the citizens of this country. Later in the address, the President backed his idea with statistics, saying, "forty percent of our [United States] college students choose community colleges."

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Push for Renewable Energy Sparks Concern


MONTPELIEROver 100 people attended a Vermont Statehouse hearing Tuesday to voice concerns about about problems resulting in the state's push to build renewable energy.

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How Affordable is Affordable Care?

VTHealthConnectVERMONT- The out-of-pocket cost for Vermonter’s using Vermont Health Connect exchange is about to increase. This year, the state of Vermont and the Federal Government have subsidies in place to help customers pay for their health care.

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Alternative Taxes

electronic cigarettesLYNDON- A highly popular smoking alternative could soon be affected by three proposed bills brought in front of the house. The proposed bills were brought up by Representative Patricia Komline.

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Thick and Creamy with a Chance of Metal

kraft thumb

VERMONT- The popular franchise, Kraft, announces a recall of their original flavored Kraft Macaroni & Cheese products, because some packages may contain peices of metal.


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Body Cameras to Keep Law Enforcement Transparent

body cam thumbST. JOHNSBURY- St. Johnbsury Police Officers have been wearing body cameras to document their daily duties for years. Lawmakers in Burlington are in debate over an expansion project, which would require the distribution of body cameras to all officers in Vermont.

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Pushing the Limits

gunsVERMONT- Senate Bill 31 is no longer on the table, but, a new bill has passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee, looking to go into law. 


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911 Dispatch Centers Calling for Help

911 DispatcherVERMONT – In order to save $1.7 million for next year’s state budget, two 911 call centers, are in consideration of being shut down. The Derby and Rutland Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP's) have been targeted out of the state's 12 dispatch centers to shut their doors in order to save the state money after last year's shortfall of financial resources.

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