Separation of Power: Recycling

recycling 2NORTHEAST KINGDOM- The Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District is a power house in recycling across the Northeast region of Vermont. So what factors allow one local town to successfully recycle without being part of the district?

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Better Safe Than Sorry

fire pic

VERMONT- Only four months into 2016, five Vermonters have been killed in fires, and two have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. These statistics are urging state officials to make sure residents are taking measures to protect themselves.

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Stenger, Quiros Face Fraud Charges

burke moutainVERMONT – Fraud charges and an asset freeze against Ariel Quiros and Bill Stenger were announced Thursday by the Securities and Exchange Commission after the case was unsealed in a federal court in Miami.  Governor Shumlin, Department of Financial Regulation (DFR) Commissioner Susan Donegan, Attorney General William Sorrell, and Secretary Patricia Moulton announced in a press conference Thursday afternoon that state charges have also been filed.  This stems from investigations dating back to as early as 2008. 

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Vermont Moose Permits

MOOSE THUMBVERMONT- Avid moose hunters may not be as lucky this coming season compared past years. The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife announced they will only be giving out collectively 160 moose hunting permits this year.

According to Cedric Alexander, the moose project leader, last year the department gave out 285. That's equal to 40% less than this year.

Alexander says that’s because the department is below their goals for the population size.

The goal is they want to grow the population back to a comfortable rate. Over the last 10 years, the moose population in the Green Mountain State has declined. In 2006, the population of moose in the state was at 5,000, but this year it's just over 2,000.

Alexander says the decline in population can be blamed on a number of factors that aren’t related to hunting.

“The heavy winter tick infestation which has been affecting the reproductive rate,” says Alexander. “They’re going to get hit by a car.”

Permits for this years season have not been issued, but applications are on the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Departments website.

“Since there’s 10,000 people applying for a limited number of permits, its done through a lottery,” says Alexander.

The drawing for the permits will happen sometime in August.

What to Know on Marijuana Legalization

marijuanaVERMONT- An act on the regulation of marijuana has been heard by the Vermont House Committee on Judiciary. Between Wednesday and Thursday, the Committee listened testimony on Bill S.241, which would legalize limited amounts of cannabis for those 21 or older.

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Best Places to Work In Vermont

VermontWORK VT- Vermont Business Magazine and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce have announced the thirty eight businesses that are considered the best places to work in the Green Mountain State.

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Ready for Anything

floodthumbnailSAINT JOHNSBURY- With over 370 mass shootings and 480 weather-related deaths in the United States in 2015, officials in the Northeast Kingdom and across Vermont are training to be prepared for any type of disaster.

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Smoking Bill Can't Pass House

cigfinalVERMONT - If you turn back the clock 70 years, smoking was a fashion statement. Today, the word carries a whole host of negative connotations; from perception to personal health. 

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Mild Winter Raises Fire Concerns

fireVERMONT- Wild fire season has come early after a mild winter, which could leave the area at risk.  St. Johnsbury Fire Chief Troy Ruggles explained that the lack of snow could make wild fires more dangerous than normal.

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Time To Renew Dog Licenses

DOGNORTHEAST KINGDOM- If you have a furry friend, then you need to renew their license. Dog licenses are due for every town in Vermont on April 1st, and if you wait untill after that date you will have pay more to license your dog.

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Sutton School Budget

sutton THUMBSUTTON- The budget for the Sutton School has been set. Next year's school budget will be less than what it was last year by about $100,000. Principal Ken Hayes showed some concerns for Act 46 and how the bill would affect future budgets and Sutton taxpayers.

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Peacham Library Renovations

PeachamLibraryPeacham- When the Peacham Town Library started to raise money for their renovations, the goal was the reach $145,000. The community efforts helped them reach even more, a staggering $160,000. According the Library's Director, Becky Jenson this is a thrilling time for the library.

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Prue Seeks Appeal

allenprueVERMONT- Allen Prue, the man convicted of murdering St. Johnsbury Academy teacher Melissa Jenkins four years ago, is fighting for his appeal. Two years ago, Prue was sentenced to life in prison for his part in the murder of Jenkins. He recently has filed for an appeal with the Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn his conviction.

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School Bus Safety Concerns

SchoolBusSafetyVermont - School buses are the one place where kids cannot wear a seat belt. This has been connected to the thought that buckling up would put a passenger at risk then if they are not buckled in. This idea is starting to make parents and lawmakers more nervous.

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Jeb Spaulding Interview

spauldingLyndon- Budget concerns are forcing the Vermont State College System to make difficult decisions these days.

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Sick Leave Bill Passes Senate

sneezingthumbVERMONT- Bill H. 187, a bill which could require employers to give all employees a mandatory amount of paid sick hours, has been passed by the Vermont Senate. The bill was previously passed by the House late April of last year, and began review by the Senate early this month.

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Upcoming Sick Leave Bill

bbtowingVERMONT- H. 187 is a bill currently being reviewed by the Senate that would give any employee a minimum mandatory number of hours of paid sick time. Furthermore, it would prohibit employers from penalizing those who use this time. The purpose of the act is the promotion of healthy work environments, according to legislators.

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Vermont Bill to Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana LegalizationMONTPELIER-Marijuana could soon be legal to smoke in Vermont. On Friday, The Senate Judiciary committe voted 4-1 in favor of a bill that would make it legal for a person to have as much of an ounce of the drug in their possesion at any one time. 

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Importing Firewood Is Sparking a Change

firewoodVERMONT - When it comes to protecting the environment, Vermont is known for being a leader amongst the United States. The state will be taking another step towards environmental safety in May involving the importation of firewood.

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Act 46 Explained

act46VERMONT - All too often, legislature that affects a community is hidden under bill names and docket numbers, leading to confusion and misinformation. In recent months, murmurs of “Act 46” have been creeping up during school and selectboard meetings, but what exactly is it? In its purest form, the legislation mandates that school districts with fewer than 900 students must consolidate with other districts.

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VSC Funding

vvvvvvvvvvvvvvVERMONT- State funding for higher education has been an issue especially among the Vermont state colleges.

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Senate Leader Looks To Expel McAllister

statethumbfinalVERMONT - For the first time in the states 224 year history, leaders in the Vermont State Senate are drafting a resolution to expel one of its members from office.

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Taking Action for Wildlife

Vermont ButterflyVERMONT – One aspect of Vermont that residents often take pride in is their wildlife. The new state Wildlife Action Plan was released this year, with the purpose of keeping the state’s nature thriving, so citizens can remain proud.

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Youth Hunting Weekend

youth weekendVERMONT – The third and last youth hunting weekend just finished up, allowing young hunters all over the state to take their shot at the sport, and maybe taking home a deer of their own.

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Lake Willoughby Grant

WilloughbyVERMONT-- One of the most popular spots in the summer for people to unwind and relax while cooling off is Lake Willoughby, and soon it will become even more popular come next year when the south side of the lake gets a face lift. 

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