Prue Case: The Verdict

allenprueBURLINGTON - Allen Prue has been found guilty of first degree murder of Melissa Jenkins.

After only six hours of deliberation the jury convicted the 32-year-old of not only first degree murder, but also conspiracy to commit murder and attempted kidnapping.

Deliberations started Tuesday afternoon around 3 o'clock and continued until 8 PM. Wednesday morning the jury reconvened to deliberate, and after only one hour, they reached their verdict.

First degree murder carries a sentence of 35 years to life in prison, but Prosecutor Lisa Warren said she does not wish to comment on what she's seeking for a sentence at this time.  

Tuesday, the prosecution and defense made their closing arguments. The Prosecution said the Prue's acted as a team. The defense argued that Allen was not responsible for the death of Jenkins, but instead it was his wife, Patricia Prue. 

After the jury heard from the defense, prosecutor Lisa Warren made her appeal saying, "Both Prues were there, so they are both responsible."

Warren started her closing arguments by showing the courtroom a picture of Melissa, showcased evidence from the crime scene, showed one of Melissa's shoes, and a hat idenitifed as Allen Prue's. She also replayed a confession where Allen is saying "I'm just terribly sorry I did this to you, Melissa."

Allen Prue chose not testify in the case.

When asked if he though Allen Prue would testify, David Sleigh, a St. Johnsbury Defense Attorney not involved in the case, said no. 

Sleigh said, "When you testify in a criminal case there's no limit on the scope of cross examination, so that the state can bring up just about anything." 

The murder trial of Allen Prue was moved to Burlington after the Prue's asked to be moved as they believed they would not get a fair trial in Caledonia County. 

Back in March of 2012, Allen and his wife Patricia called Jenkins for help, telling her that their car broke down.  The pair allegedly strangled her when Jenkins arrived to help.  Documents also say that they stuffed the body back into their car and drove her to a boat launch on the Connecticut River where they weighed her down with cinder blocks and dumped her body into the water.

After an autopsy was conducted it showed that Jenkins was strangled, beaten and sexually assaulted. She was kidnapped and killed in part of an elaborate sex plot. 

Patrica Prue is being tried separately.  She is being charged with aggravated murder, sexual assault and kidnapping.  Her trial is not yet scheduled, but Lisa Warren says Patricia Prue might be headed to court in February.