Welch Addresses ISIS

petieVERMONTVermont Representative Peter Welch voted against passing a bill allowing President Obama new authority to battle ISIS on Tuesday. Welch feels as if the Sunis and Shiites should resolve their democractic differences without the help of American government intervention. 


Senator Bernie Sanders agreed with Welch and voted against the bill as well. 

 According to Sanders the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “is a brutal and dangerous extremist organization which must be defeated." 

He feels that this war cannot be won by the United States alone and there needs to be a real international coalition led by the countries most threatened – Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey and Iran. 

Welch stated, “The Suni and Shiite need to come together to save themselves and their country. We can play a roll but it’s got to be the Iraqi army that we spent billions training that are the boots on the ground that stands up to ISIS.”

The bill passed seventy eight to twenty two along with a request from President Obama for five hundred million dollars to train and arm Syrian rebels to fight ISIS.