Turkey Season Takes Off

turkey hunting thumbnailVERMONT-  Spring turkey hunting season opened in Vermont on Thursday. Residents with hunting licenses are allowed to hunt from yesterday, May 1st, all the way up until the end of the month.

Turkey season is a popular sport in Vermont, but all hunters must be sure to follow the rules and guidelines. 

With the gloomy, soggy weather between late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, the hunting conditions weren’t ideal for the start of the season.

CJ Bigelow, a Danville resident, went out with his family around 1:00am Thursday morning. CJ wasn’t too happy with the weather, saying it “kind of sucks,” but that didn’t stop him from going out early this season. Birds typically like warmer weather and tend to communicate with one another, making it easier for hunters to detect the location.

“We saw this bird, that was pretty decent-sized, next to the road. I hopped out of the truck with my uncle and we worked our way through the woods and caught up to him. We came around the corner and he was sitting right there. It took me three shots before I knocked him over, but I knocked him down so that’s all that matters.”

CJ also said he “tagged out” last year, and despite the weather is off to a good start again this season.

The Quick Stop in Barnet saw many hunters come in waves yesterday. An employee at The Quick Stop said a few turkeys trickled in, but they came at relatively the same time. Otherwise it was a rather quiet start to the season.

CJ said as the month goes on, the weather should improve and hunters will have better luck. Aspiring shooters first must get a turkey-hunting license; state residents are charged a fee of $23.00, while non-residents must pay $38.00.

Before hunters are eligible to purchase a license, they must first meet a series of requirements. First, the person must show a certificate or letter of proof showing that they passed a hunter safety course; whether it be in Vermont or any other state. Canadian permits/certificates are also allowed. Another rule is if the prospective hunter is under 16-years-old, a guardian must accompany them while the hunting license is being issued.

The rules don’t stop once the license is issued; there are also rules that must be abided by while on the hunt. Turkeys are fair game from a half-an-hour before sunrise until noon each day this month. Each hunter is limited to only two bearded turkeys for this season.