Shumlin Approval Rating Down

shumlin approvalVERMONT - Governor Peter Shumlin's approval rating has dropped from 65 percent to under 50 percent according to the Castleton Polling Institute. Incumbents usually lose approval over time, but this is different.


He won the 2010 gubernatorial race by a very slim margin (49.4% to 47.9%, which is what his Republican counterpart Brian Dube received for votes). His spike in approval came just after he took office in Vermont, but since has declined.

"I think the push for the single payer-thing, there's a big head-wind against it," Said Mike Heath, a Peacham resident. "In this country, if he pulls it off, he's going to become a legend. And like I said, we have a chance in this state to really make a difference."

The reason his approval went down? Some people believe it's because of a land purchase last summer while others don't think he's doing a good job. We asked Heath what he thought of the way Shumlin handled the events of Hurricane Irene and he told us that he thought he did a pretty good job.

Regardless of the approval rating, he plans to run for office again this upcoming November.

Only Emily Peyton and Anthony Pollina have announced that they will run against him to become the next Governor of the state of Vermont.