Veteran Bill Benefits

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veterans_going_to_school.jpgVERMONT - Senator Bernie Sanders has just recently created a Veterans Bill that assist veterans via it's many benefits. One of these benefits is healthcare, which will help get the treatment they need as quickly as possible.

The bill will also help the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs.) Since the government shutdown last fall, the VA have been overwhelmed with their workload. 

Dyllan Durham, Secretary of the Veterans Club of Lyndon State College, is still enlisted in the Army National Guard. Durham believes that this bill, if passed, will help him later on down the road. He also stated "If the bill is passed it will improve VA’s claims system in part by requiring quarterly reports to Congress on efforts to eliminate a backlog of benefits claims by 2015. VA would have to detail both the projected and actual number of claims received, pending, completed and on appeal."

What Durham really likes about the bill is "The bill will pay for itself. There will not be a deficit. If the bill is passed, it's going to cost 24 billion dollars, but 4 billion will be coming from the savings in the VA, and 20 billion will be from the oversea contingency operations fund that will be used once they start winding down their military operations over seas."

Durham also said he "supports the bill because it will help all veterans and all the red lines." When asked about the Red lines, Durham explained that to get help being a veteran, there are never any easy answers. Everything that should be done right away takes time and he believes with this bill it will not take as long for answers for their problems.

Lyndon State College Veterans Club President Todd McCosco said that " if the bill is pushed through Congress, it will give veterans a chance to foreward their education." McCosco also showed his support of the bill, saying "It gives veterans the sense of value ot the community from war."

Congress will be looking at the Veterans Bill at the end of the month.