Lieutenant Governor results

Vermont- The results of the 2022 Lieutenant governor's race are in. Progressive democrat David Zuckerman has been announced as the winner with 149,075 votes. After running against republican Joe Bennning, and green mountain candidate Ian G. Diamondstone, it has been a close run.

During the September lieutenant governors' form in St. Johnsbury, Benning and Zuckerman fiercely debated the housing problem, climate change and education. Benning, going as far as reading back quotes said by Zuckerman at previous meetings. All was done in a friendly but competitive manner. Diamondstone did not attend this form, although he was invited.  

This is Zuckerman's third time in the position of lieutenant governor, with 2017-2021 being his most recent time in this position. Zuckerman plans to continue focusing on bringing diverse voices to Montpelier. 


Zuckerman also plans on continuing work that focuses on climate change and economic development of rural areas. In previous position as senator he focused on cannabis reform, healthcare and education reform. Zuckerman was in the position of senator from 2013-2017. Zuckerman has been elected to a two year term, with this new term ending in 2024.


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