Earth Day Rally for Science

Statehouse ShotVERMONT - The Trump Administration has released their proposed budget for 2018, and many are a little distraught over some of the budget cuts he has planned. One of the biggest cuts could go straight for the Environmental Protection Agency, which could effect many science-based organizations.


This year in Vermont, Earth Day brought many people from all over the state to the steps of the Vermont Statehouse to voice their opinions.  "We've got a pretty resilient state, I'm brand new to the state as of last year, but I've been blown away by the number of people that want to get involved in their communities and want to take care of each other," said event organizer, Jen Macleannain. 

"Science is how we've become what we are, and science is how we are go to heal ourselves," said march participant, Hannah Zimmer.

In Montpellier, Burlington, Rutland, and Brattleboro, marches were held for people to voice their feelings about how much science means to them.  Many people voiced their opinions to legislators on issues like defunding federal science organizations and revoking the clean water act.
"I was just really excited to see so many people here supporting science. People from all different walks of the scientific world; biologists, chemists, educators, nurses, doctors, citizens," said 2016 Vermont Teacher of the year, Susan Coke.

Attendees wanted local legislators to hear their thoughts on environmental issues like climate change, repealing the Clean Water Act, and defunding of science organizations.

Senator Joe Benning from Caledonia County says he is unsure of how Trump's plans will play out.  "We're all really concerned watching the Trump Administration on one hand, taking leave with whatever funding it wants."

Vermont legislators are fighting to keep this from effecting groups on a state level, but Senator Benning says people in Caledonia county would be amongst those that could pay the price if politicians have trouble working together.

"That to me is a problem, because it becomes an 'us versus them' attitude, which will have a direct impact on the Northeast Kingdom," says Benning.

These marches and rallies held over the weekend were only four of over five-hundred demonstrated nationwide.