Potential Tobacco Age Change

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VERMONT- A topic of discussion, which made its appearance last month, is making its way back to the forefront. Advocates are continuing to push lawmakers to change the age in purchasing and selling tobacco from eighteen to twenty-one. 

Results show that if the law was approved, Vermont would lose about $750,000 in tax revenue. However, health care saving will revive the loss of money if the bill is approved.


The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network is hosting a meeting this Wednesday April 12 where residents of Vermont are able to attend to voice their opinions on the potential bill change. A reception for lawmakers and advocators will also be held after the meeting where advocates will continue to persuade lawmakers to approve the new law.


“Many Vermonters that I have spoke to think that the bill should be passed and that there really is no reason to put it on hold. It is a culture shift but in the end it will help save lives and benefit younger kids from getting cancer,” said Jill Sudhoff-Guerin, Government Relations Director of American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.


This meeting will be going on all day at the Montpelier Statehouse in Vermont.