Sweet Cow Yogurt

SCYNEWBURY - A Vermont business had to recently rebrand all of their products due to a name change. a small Newbury based dairy farm, formerly known as Green Mountain Yogurt to Sweet Cow Yogurt. 

The shift to a new name occurred to avoid confusion with another Vermont yogurt company who shared a similar name. 

According to Sweet Cow Yogurt Company owner Diane Wyatt, the labels were what she called the biggest challenge. 

“We bought five thousand dollars worth of labels, and we had to work through them before we could get new labels to change the name,” Wyatt said. 

Marketing was something Sweet Cow owners needed to do to get the word out about the new name. 

“We really promoted it. I put some ads in the newspaper, I sent flyers out to the stores, I put signs.”

Although the process of changing the name came difficult for owners, the change has attracted some new customers to the company. 

The Wyatt family also plans to expand the company outside of Vermont and New Hampshire, which is an additional reason the company needed a new name.