Willoughby Gets New Ski Trails

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BackCountry2WESTMORE - Back country skiers will soon have some new trails this upcoming winter. A meeting was held in Burke to discuss the creation of a back-country ski zone in the Willoughby State Forest. However, this upcoming season, only a small portion of the selected ski zones located on the South side of Mount Hor will be open to ski.

The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, plan on trimming trees under eight inches in diameter within the selected ski zones.
Jack O'wril, state land forester says that, "It's really different then say like a resort area where they're really just clearing areas to ski. We're not doing that, there's going to be trees retained throughout all of these skiable lines.


O'wril states that if this project proves successful, more ski zones will most likely open up in Willoughby in the upcoming years.