Vermont Attorney General Transition

williamsorrellVermont - Election Day was this past Tuesday, November eighth and voters got the chance to vote for their next National, State and Local candidates. In Vermont, for the first time in two decades, there is a new Attorney General. T.J. Donovan won the race on Tuesday night after his Republican Rival Deb Bucknam conceded on Election night.

This result follows long time leadership in this role under William Sorrell, who held the office of Attorney General since 1997. Representative Scott Beck from Saint Johnsbury offers his perspective on Sorrell's body of work, "Whether people agree with his decisions or not, he deserves a lot of credit for the longevity of the service that he's given this state." Vermont's own William Sorrell has been serving as Attorney General for 19 years since 1997 and has been re-elected nine times. This election cycle in 2016, he is not running again.

Beck says that there really isn't very little that Attorney General Sorrell hasn't touched in some way, shape or form. Sorrell deserves a lot of credit for the amount of work he's put into the job and he's had a very extensive and very supported career by the majority of Vermonters.

One common criticism that many Vermonter's have of Sorrell, Beck goes on to explain is the numerous allegations, transparency and openness concerns that were raised against the Attorney General. If these concerns hadn't lingered during his time in office or Sorrell hadn't had to continuously fight back against allegations and just focused on the job, then Sorrell would have been a more effective Attorney General.

Although, Attorney General Sorrell was effective at being a political activist during his time in office and odds are that the next Attorney General wouldn't be as much of an activist as Sorrell but that's not to say that the next Attorney General wouldn't be as active as Sorrell is, Scott Beck goes on to say.

T.J. Donovan is the new Attorney General of Vermont after winning this election day.