Raising Vermont Voices

Zuckerman Raising Vermont VoicesLYNDONVILLE - Tired of the two party system? Many students across Vermont feel this way, and today in the Moore Community room on Lyndon State College's campus, students and professors were encouraged to share their opinions and ask questions of Lieutenant Governor hopeful, David Zuckerman.

According to LSC Criminal Law and Global Studies Professor Brandon Stroupe, the two party system that our country currently relies on is "unustainable.. because nothing is purely black or white..." especially not politics. He introduced Zuckerman to the audeince at today's event, stressing the importance of having a third party candidate on the ballot.

Zuckerman's standpoint is described as "a progressive democrat" with a major focus on issues such as marriage equality, equal pay, tax reform and marijuana legalization. Zuckerman was also the lead author of Vermont's GMO labeling law, which was the first of its kind in the nation.

At the event, Zuckerman received questions from students about everything from big business in the state to education policies and reform. Zuckerman, much like Bernie Sanders, has a platform of unity through community improvement and a focus on small businesses and local farmers.

As an organic farmer, Zuckerman made the point that, "if farmers aren't getting a fair price for their product, then they'll…do whatever they can to pay those monthly bills," which in the end is terrible for the farmer, his land and his animals or crops.

Zuckerman says that he believes that all Vermonters, young and old, can come together and do the right thing, that its up to "Vermonters voices" to stay strong and fight for the things they believe in, "whether it was GMO labeling or equal pay".

Zuckerman opened and closed this lecture emphasizing the importance in voting, especially in young people, and urged everyone to consider voting this election, because their vote is their voice, and a wasted voice hurts everyone.