Alternative Taxes

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electronic cigarettesLYNDON- A highly popular smoking alternative could soon be affected by three proposed bills brought in front of the house. The proposed bills were brought up by Representative Patricia Komline.

Two of the bills that are being proposed include banning all flavors except menthol in electronic cigarettes and requiring a 92 percent tax on wholesale purchasing. 

The third bill that was proposed would not only effect the electronic cigarette business but the tobacco industry as a whole.  This proposal brought in front of the house would raise the legal age to purchase tobacco to twenty-one.  

Dennis Steel, the owner of NEK Vapor, believes that the e-cig business is being targeted because of its posed threat to tobacco sales.  "We're a big threat to the tobacco industry because I think we're a disruptive technology… it will just be the end of anybody smoking cigarettes I think."

Currently the sales of Electronic Cigarettes and prodcuts associated are not taxed in Vermont.  The State of Vermont tobacco tax brought in 67.4 million dollars in the fiscal year 2014.